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Ex-03 wired Headset Review

The Ex-03 wired Headset from Gioteck, for the Xbox 360, is a military inspired headset. It has a rubber coated body which sits really well on the ear. Comfort is high up the list when Gioteck design anything, and you can really tell with this product. The military inspiration is evident as well from the midnight digital camo, that is displayed on the faceplate, to the general look of it. It would definitely not look out of place in the battlefield. It slides nicely over the ear and sits very well, with the help of the Flexible ear-hook, which feels great when you have the headset on.

One thing I do like, and I have not seen this at all on a headset before, is the Rubber ear-bud which fits great inside your ear. This really helps to cut down the ambient noise that may be around you while you’re playing, and I have to say this really boosts the sound quality as well. The sound chamber that the rubber ear-bud is connected to really brings your coms to life. If you think that’s good for such a small mic then there is more, it also packs a noise cancelling mic which gives you great voice quality to send out to all your team mates.

All this sounds great. But what does it feel like to play with for long periods of gaming, I hear you ask? Well let me tell you it feels great! When I first put it in I could tell I had it on, it felt funny having this rubberear-bud in my ear but after a while I didn’t even know it was there, which is a great for me because, I personally, hate things feeling heavy and being a chore to wear. Another great feature is the anti-twist cable which, unless you physically tie it in knots, really works and with the in-line volume control to finish it off you really can not go wrong.

Overall the EX-03 Wired Headset is a great buy I really found it better than my normal headset, in fact I found leaps and bounds above it. The sound quality of the mic is just far superior. If you’re in the market for a headset for your 360, then I would strongly suggest taking a look at this one you will not be sorry!


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