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Cherie Priest Interview


Oct 27, 2011

Here at Geeklore we have been very lucky to get an interview with Cherie Priest, the author of such books as Bloodshot and HellBent. Here is what she had to say to us.

Geeklore: Do you plan stories as part of a series or did Eden Moore and Raylene Pendle start  out as one-offs that just kept growing?

Cherie: The Eden books were a bit unusual – the first one, Four and Twenty
Blackbirds, was my first professional sale, and I didn’t know the publisher
would ask for two more books in the same deal. So what began as a one-off
was compelled to blossom into something longer, which was fine. But I did
indeed plot out Raylene’s material as a set of three to five books. When it
ended up in a two-book deal, I had to adjust my thinking.

Geeklore: How rigidly do you plan and prepare each book?

Cherie: I’m not a real big planner. I hate outlines, and just keep a legal pad with
a few notes on it. Often, I ignore the notes. Honestly, when it comes to
writing books I usually know the beginning, the end, and some of the major
highlights along the way … but I’m mostly a “by the seat of my pants” kind
of storyteller.

Geeklore: Do you have a writing routine that you stick to?

Cherie: When I have a day-job (like now, for example), I do day-job work in the
morning and up through lunchtime; then after lunch, it’s ass-in-chair for
writing time. If I don’t have a day-job, then the morning is dedicated to
Writing Business (answering and sending important emails, making phone
calls, blogging/managing my websites, etc.) and the afternoon goes right
back to ass-in-chair.

Geeklore: Raylene¹s wisecracking Philip Marlow style narration is brilliant. Are you a fan of those old classic noir thrillers?

Cherie: I’m a giant Hammett nerd. And just between us, I’d take the Continental Op
any day of the week over Marlowe.

Geeklore: Here at Geeklore we love Raylene Pendle. Can we expect more adventures for Cheshire red?

Cherie: I hope so, but the status of the franchise is uncertain. The publisher is
taking a “let’s wait and see” approach, which is quite reasonable given the
recent upheaval in the market. I hope the first two books sell well enough
to warrant more, because they really are a hoot to write. A proposal for a
third Raylene book called Sawbones is already on my editor’s desk.

Geeklore: Vampire fiction has a mountain of convention and mythology. How did you decide what to keep and what to ignore while creating your own individual take on the vamp genre?

Cherie: Narrative convenience. It’s not any more complicated than that.

Geeklore: You¹re a firm fixture in the fantasy genres. Are you interested in writing in other areas of fiction?

Cherie: I don’t know. I’m a big fan of speculative fiction in its myriad forms – I
love a good monster story, or ghost story, or what have you. I’ve already
genre-hopped quite a bit already. Heaven only knows where I’ll go next.

Geeklore: Anything else in the pipeline for us to get excited about?

Cherie: Definitely a pair of steampunk books, follow-ups to last month’s Ganymede –
and those will be Inexplicables (2012) and Fiddlehead (2013).  Inexplicables
is chock full of zombie sasquatches, and Fiddlehead is the story of a 19th
century computer that could end the Civil War.

Geeklore: And again thank you very much for taking time out to do this interview.

Cherie: Thanks for having me – and for taking the time to review my books!

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