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John G. Hemry – Stark`s Command – Book 2

John G. Hemry – Stark`s Command

Review by Gh0styuk,

Stark`s Command is the second book in the John G. Hemry trilogy. The look of the second book seems to look and feel darker than the previous Stark’s War, the text is in red and the armoured figure on the front is in a crouching position as if he is lying in wait for something to happen. The moon is still displayed behind the figure as if a reminder that these soldiers are still in the dead waste land fighting to keep the line that many thousands have died for. If the first book is anything to go by, I was in for a good read and I was not disappointed.

The story opens with Stark trying to keep work as normal for his troops, as much you can in a war zone. He is trying to keep the ever present enemy from breaking the line that they have been trying to break for many weeks now using precession probe attacks to test how well the line is protected. With Stark back at the command bunker he watches all this taking place and he suddenly realises that the line is breaking and most of his troops are pulling back. Stark takes matters into his own hands, which most of his officers disagree with, but Stark disregards it and makes a personal appearance on the line to keep it from breaking any more. With a great deal of hard work and a great job from Stark’s old squad the line is held and are even are able to gain the ground back they lost. Not only does Stark have to deal with that, but also the new mentality of the troops as well. After the events that occur in the first book, Stark’s War, the troops have lost focus and really don’t have anything worth fighting for, which is a big problem for Stark.

While all that is going on Stark is also in talks with the civilians and, in particular, the head civilian Jack Campbell to try and get some things in order. At the top of the agenda is getting the old officers off the moon, which they do happen to do. They also manage to get some of the family members of the soldiers to the moon. As this is happening in the space port, Stark sees a ghost from his past, a sibling of a friend long since dead. This brings back a lot of bloody memories for Stark. With all this happening the story takes a new twist which I for one did not see coming, where a bunch of sailors, who have been in orbit blockading the moon, decide to join Stark’s Rebellion.

The really great thing I like about this book is the change in pace it brings and it really gives you a great insight into the workings of how the military and politicians work. You get a real feel that John G. Hemry is portraying this with great experience. There is a great part in the book where Stark and Jack Campbell are sitting round a table with representatives from different corporations, politicians and the military Generals and they are trying to negotiate the terms of this rebellion and as the scene is played out you really get a sense of how Stark is growing as a leader and how he is starting to learn the things he needs to keep his head above water.

As the books comes to its thrilling climax and you wonder if anything else could possibly happen the story line takes a major twist as the moon base is under attack from a small group of mercenaries who seem to take the base with ease, blocking all communications inside the command centre, It becomes all to apparent that there is a mole and also that the American military are really low on people for an all out attack, and so, now employing ‘guns for hire’ to help get this situation under control. Once the dust settles and the body count is established the story takes yet another huge twist as Stark is left to make one more decision which will put him and his command and his conscience to the test once more he just hopes it’s the right decision.

Stark’s Command is just as good as the first book in the trilogy Stark’s War. Bringing a whole new battle field into play that Stark and his troops have no idea they would be playing on. If you enjoyed the first book, then you will love the Second Stark’s Command. The difference in the characters and story line is outstanding and how everything is moving on really kept me enthralled from beginning to end, I literally could not put this book down, a real page turner. John G. Hemry is really setting up for an epic conclusion, and it’s been one hell of a ride so far. If you have to buy 3 books this year make sure the Stark’s Trilogy is it!

TITAN BOOKS Released 9th September 2011 £7.99

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