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John G. Hemry Stark`s Crusade Book 3

So here I am, with the last book in the trilogy Stark’s Crusade by John G. Hemry and let me tell you it’s been a great ride so far. I really feel like I have been on an epic journey in this universe. It has had its ups and downs but what I have really enjoyed the most is the characters. They all seem so real somehow, but I will talk about that more later on. First of all I would like to go over how the book looked and felt.

When I held the last book, Stark’s Crusade, I really did feel a sadness it wasn’t long ago I had started the first book, and was telling you of all the adventures I was hoping to read about, and between you and me it’s been a great ride, but anyway looking at the book the pictures on the front show a person with a sniper rifle in some armour that is completely different to the one shown on the front of the last two books. It is darker and more light weight, as if the person in it is more of assassin than a soldier. The stance is more assured, as if the target he has been searching for is located, and he is ready to pull the trigger. The Earth is depicted in the bottom right corner of the book. The writing is blue and somehow this book just seems to stand out more than the others. To me this brings with it a feeling of pressure. As everything you have been reading is building up to this book and it’s all going to explode into one last battle for Commander Stark and his army.

Stark’s Crusade starts with yet another raid on the colony but this time Stark’s forces are ready for action and happily manage to defend themselves. What I find great about this book is the balance between the battle field and the politics, you really get a great feel for both of them, and how Stark and The Officers work together with Jack Campbell and his civilian assistances. The book itself is way more fast paced than the last two, due to ever growing pressure from all sides. The Government have realized that just throwing mercenariness at Stark is not going to do anyone any good. Once the enemy on both sides is at bay Stark’s army also starts to get internal problems with a few troops, who start to push for a mutiny, which is one of those twists that made me smile. It was interesting to see how Stark would deal with this while the eyes of the world watched and in Stark fashion he dealt with how a trained commander would have, in a very professional way resulting in no casualties. As word gets around about this The Troop’s morale is evidently boosted.

Stark gets some information passed on to him, telling him that the government are planning to attack to try and end this stalemate with the help of robotic troops. Stark passes this information to his Command staff who then start to draw up plans on how to take these things down. Needless to say battle plans are drawn up and defences made with this attack, by their own Country being imminent, it was going to be a fight that Stark and his Command staff did not want. He worries it may come down to Americans fighting Americans and in Stark’s book that is a bad thing indeed. He didn’t become a solider to shoot at people on the same side and would not do that even if he had to and would never expect his troops to shoot them ether. I really enjoyed how this book was written you follow a few story lines which lets you bounce from Stark’s problems to Jack Campbell’s problems and also the problems back home on Earth, as the civilians are demanding that the Government step down and let someone else take the reigns. John G. Hemry really shows you the full spectrum of how war can effect many things, not just the battle field but people hundreds or even thousands of miles away and how warfare is not just about who has the biggest gun, although I’m betting it helps.

Towards the end of this epic story I was amazed at how the story line twisted and turned. You also read about old faces returning to the moon. The ending was something that I was not expecting, but seemed to fit really well in the context of the story and I could not have come up with a better ending in my head.


I really could talk about John G. Hemry’s Stark trilogy for ages, to anyone that will listen. It is one great read and it shows you the epic journey of one man who is trying to change the system and doing what he thinks is right. The characters are some of the most believable I have experienced, which makes reading the book all the more enjoyable. The Stark trilogy is a set of books any sci-fi fan should have in their bookcases. John G. Hemry has written a sci-fi classic here.

Would I recommend this to anyone? 100% Yes!!! Go buy it now!

TITAN BOOKS Released 9th September 2011 £7.99

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