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Star Wars: The Jedi Path

The first thing I noticed when I received this book to review was the presentation, from the embossed and silver inlaid front cover to the rough-edged parchment style pages this book looks and feels like a handbook for young Jedi, which is of course what it’s meant to resemble.

The attention to detail is marvellous, from the list of previous owners found in the inside cover (And quite a distinguished list it is too!) to the notes and comments scribbled throughout the book by various Jedi initiates. There’s even a whole section of the blanked out text, allegedly covered over by Darth Sidious himself!

Contained within this handbook is the knowledge any young Jedi would need, providing information on the Jedi order itself, expected dress codes and behaviour of Jedi Padawan, right through to the roles and duties of a Jedi Knight.

The book is written as a manual and therefore can be a bit dry although the aforementioned side notes from the books previous owners add a little brevity and personal insight making it less heavy going than it could have been.

I found the section on different styles of Lightsaber combat to be particularly interesting, now I know that Yoda favoured the Ataru style, Count Dooku the Makashi style and more interestingly from the description Darth Vader seems to use Niman style, which is also referred to as Moderation form, as favoured by diplomats!

Other parts of the book cover the agricultural, medical/educational and Exploratory arms of the Jedi Service Corps where force wielders who didn’t quite have it in them to become fully fledged Jedi Knights are assigned, these support workers of the Jedi are given equal billing to the Knights themselves and are show to provide a great service to the galaxy in general. It’s information like this that helped flesh out my (sadly film based only) knowledge of the Jedi order.

The ability to apply the information in the handbook to add further depth to the films and other Star Wars related publications makes for a fascinating read, every page or so I found myself thinking back to moments from the films and thinking “Oh, so that’s what that is!” and in that light, I’d happily recommend this book to anyone who wants to explore the Star Wars universe in general and the Jedi themselves.

Star Wars: The Jedi Path
Published by Titan Books.
Review by Ian Clarke.

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