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Character Assassination

July 29, 2018 admin 0

No this isn’t what you are thinking it isn’t a way in which characters can get killed off GM’s don’t need help with things like that, do they? The idea occurred to the group I was playing with, at the […]

Apocalypse Prevention Inc (API)

March 10, 2013 Chris White 0

Publisher: Third Eye Games Written by: Eloy Lasanta Review by:  Chris As part of a seasoned role-play group I am always on the hunt to extend the amount of gaming systems that we play rather than reverting back to the […]

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Roleplay Music Ideas

February 22, 2012 admin 0

Hi, welcome to the music section of Geeklore, this is where I (killminus) will offer suggestions of music to listen to while roleplaying in certain genres/backgrounds.  To begin with we’ll cover the world of darkness in general, and then I’ll […]